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100% Cotton T-Shirt Made From Sheep?!

Updated: Jan 11

So, everyone by now should be 100% confirm plus chop knows cotton does not come from sheep but cotton plant after the viral interview made by one of our ministers with a local media recently about labour issues in Singapore. But do you know there are a lot more about t-shirt made from cotton?

If you have look at some information found in our cotton t-shirt catalogue or the shirt label, you might have noted additional information such as words like preshrunk, combed, and ringspun cotton. So what do that 100% cotton and those cotton words mean? We are here to explain.

Why Cotton?

We love printing on apparel made with cotton and you can find out more information here.

Regular Cotton

Regular cotton is made from fibres that are twisted together to make yarn, which is then woven together to make the material that can make up a regular cotton shirt. Processing is kept to a bare minimum, which means it’s economical to make and inexpensive to buy. However, the minimal production means a textured fabric that has a loose weave that makes it harder for your shirt to bounce back. Therefore, it will shrink, shrank, shrunk if it meets the washer and dryer frequently.

Preshrunk Cotton

When you see “100% cotton” in the catalogue or shirt label, it is most likely a preshrunk cotton such as the comfy cotton round neck CT51 and Gildan cotton round neck 76000 which are our top-selling. The preshrinking process takes the fabric that will become your shirt through a processing machine that forces the fabric’s fibres to tighten on their own before that fabric ever becomes a shirt. However, that doesn’t mean that your t-shirt will never shrink after washing and drying. It will still be at least 5%.

Combed Cotton

Combed cotton is a process that is a little more labour-intensive compared to preshrunk cotton. Combed cotton is a step in the soft direction. When cotton is combed, brushes are used to remove any remaining impurities. The regular process has already been cleaned to remove any impurities, but combing takes it one step further. This combing process also removes many of the short fibres. Due to all these extra processing, combed cotton is costly because of the manpower and time invested. But if you’re exploring the softer side of cotton, it will be worth it when you feel the smooth texture on your skin, such as the American Apparel 2001w cotton t-shirt.

Ringspun Cotton

Ringspun cotton is a process which the yarn is further processed by being rapidly spun around a ring mechanism. This process makes the yarn longer and stronger by constantly twisting and thinning short fibres together. The continual twisting of these fabrics smooths out any wiry strands regular cotton yarn still has. Some ringspun cotton t-shirt to consider will be the Comfort Colours C1717 or Midweight 939 Camouflage Tee. Moreover, these shirts are being processed together with preshrunk material!

We hope at the end of this blog post, you will understand more about what cotton t-shirt you are getting to print and wear for your business, school, or any other activities!

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