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Altercation Between Driver And Cyclist Along East Coast Road, Singapore

A video recently emerged online showing an altercation between a driver and a cyclist along East Coast Road, with the cyclist jumping on top of the car as the driver then drove off with the cyclist holding on to the car’s hood. The rash act between them has caught much of everyone's attention, but what caught Provision Print more was the yellow colour cycling jerseys of the cyclist, which we guess were the only good vibes of the video.

Cycling jerseys are specially designed apparel that offers several benefits to cyclists. The material is made from moisture-wicking fabrics that help to keep the rider dry and comfortable by pulling sweat away from the skin which is definitely essential in hot weather conditions like here locally in Singapore. Not only that, many cycling jerseys come in vibrant and high-visibility colours, making cyclists more noticeable on the road, for example, the yellow colour cycling jersey of the cyclist in the video. They often feature elements that can enhance visibility thus improving safety.

It's worth noting that while cycling jerseys offer a lot of benefits, they are not mandatory for all cyclists. Some riders may choose to wear other types of moisture-wicking athletic clothing or opt for looser-fitting apparel, such as the eyelet dri fit round neck QD04 which is available at Provision Print, and recommended to use for printing based on the suitability of the activities.

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