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Top 3 Reasons Why One Colour Artwork Design For Custom T-Shirt Printing In Singapore Is The Best

Updated: Mar 10

Getting t-shirts printed is an ideal way to promote your business, school or event activities in Singapore. You can have artwork in 1 colour or many colours printed on a shirt to gain awareness from the crowd. At Provision Print, we suggest 1 colour printing and below are the reasons why!

Workwear printed with silkscreen method for Morsels
1 Colour Silkscreen Printing

1. Designs are clear and eye-catching

Custom t-shirt printing which features easy-to-read artwork can have the most powerful impact in Singapore. Such artwork is simple, clean, straight forward hence it can make a deep impression on any viewer. On the other hand, custom t-shirt printing which is too complicated might be difficult to read and understand by others.

2. Easier to match with the background colour

The most popular colour for custom t-shirt printing in Singapore is usually black, but if you want your t-shirt to stand out from the crowd, you might want to choose another shirt colour. However, if your artwork is to be printed on a shirt consisting of many colours, it might not match well with your chosen shirt colour. On the other hand, one colour artwork can easily be used on most t-shirt colours. After all, all you need to do is to make sure that your sole printing colour complements your shirt's colour!

3. Price is cheaper

Another important advantage of one-colour artwork for custom t-shirt printing in Singapore is that it is cheaper. When doing custom t-shirt printing in Singapore, the artwork, colours, and quality of the shirt material are factors which can influence the pricing. If you have an artwork full of colours to print, the price per t-shirt will be very expensive.

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