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About us

Provision Print is a custom t-shirt and corporate gift printing company in Singapore.


We strive to be Singapore's #1 t-shirt and corporate gift printing company in Singapore, by offering the best custom t-shirt and gift printing methods, including silkscreen, DTG, embroidery, vinyl, dye sublimationdigital heat transfer and direct-to-film printing. We have products from brands such as Oren Sports, Ultifresh, Gildan, Panbasic and many more available for your custom t-shirt and gift printing needs. Our catalogue features only the best t-shirts and gifts so you receive the highest quality and affordable custom t-shirt and gift printing. 

At Provision Print, we are committed to providing convenient and efficient services to our valued customers. As part of our commitment to innovation and accessibility, we operate exclusively through online channels and do not maintain a physical office for customer visits.

While we understand that some customers may prefer face-to-face interactions, we have designed our online platform to offer a seamless and user-friendly experience for all our clients. We want to assure you that despite our online-only model, we are fully equipped to address your custom t-shirt and gift printing needs and provide the same level of quality service that you would expect from an in-person interaction. Our team is readily available to assist you through various online channels

All you have to do is contact us through any of our channels via email, call and WhatsApp. Our friendly sales advisors will help you throughout the whole printing process.  We’ll do our best to fit your requests, budget, and expectations.

We make the entire t-shirt and gift printing process as easy as possible. We can bring our excellent customer service and expertise to every corner of Singapore. No longer will you have to travel in search of a custom t-shirt and gift. You can get a very personal service and all the help you could imagine from us.


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