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Dye Sublimation

Dye Sublimation Printing is actually the heat transfer onto polyester garments and polyester-coated items, such as mugs.


Dye subprocess is limited to printing on white or light to medium colored garments that have a 100% polyester surface and allows for full-color printing as well as spot color printing on garments. Sublimation ink is a special ink that turns to gas when the heat is applied. The heat makes polyester pores to open and permanently absorb the sublimation ink. But this is possible with most of the non-textile garments, like mugs, puzzles, key chains, mousepads, etc. This technique can also be applied to polyester t-shirts, but there is a restrained demand in this chapter. Dye-sublimation printing also requires a special transfer paper which is cheaper than inkjet transfer paper, but the sublimation ink is very expensive.

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