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T-Shirt and Gift Printing Services in Singapore

At Provision Print, we provide the best custom t-shirt and gift printing techniques service in Singapore. Below are the types of custom t-shirt and gift printing services we provide.


Silkscreen Printing

The silkscreen is ideal for mass production of t-shirt designs. If you want a single or unique design, it may be impossible. This method is suited for one colour per screen. It is not ideal for super complex multi-colour designs.

Dye Sublimation

dye sublimation printing singapore, polyester fabric in a heat press, best print shop, Jurong, Pioneer

The dye sublimation inks are a disperse dye suspended in a liquid solvent, like water. The images are initially printed on coated heat-resistant transfer paper as a reverse image of the final design, which is then transferred onto polyester fabric in a heat press. This method should be done on 100% polyester for the best results.

embroidery t-shirt printing singapore, embroidery bag printing, embroidery accessories singapore


Embroidery is a process where the thread is stitched into your product.  With embroidery, you can create a more professional look. However, some logos may have to be altered a little if embroidery is the preferred method though because it is very difficult to recreate shading using threads.

Direct To Garment

Direct To Garment

DTG works like a paper printer in the office. The only difference is that in this case, the ink is going to the fabric. You first need to upload the design to the computer, which then creates uniqueness and creativity. The Direct To Garment method is excellent for printing out the super-complex design.

Digital Heat Transfer

digital transfer printing singapore. best digital printing, budget digital printing, Yishun, Woodlands 

If you have small orders of the shirt, it is economical to use the digital heat transfer printing. This method incorporates a design printed on a special paper called transfer paper. This method is ideal for many colours or gradient designs


vinyl printing singapore, heat press printing singapore, order online vinyl printing press, budget print Bishan, Ang Mo Kio

Vinyl printing is all about heat transfer. A machine is used to cut out letters and designs from colored vinyl and heat-press them onto the t-shirt to transfer the color to it. Vinyl printing depends on a combination of pressure and heat.

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