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Silk Screen Printing in Singapore

Silkscreen stands out for using a mesh screen and thick coloured inks to print a design onto a t-shirt. 

If custom t-shirt and gift printing in large quantity is what you're after, then silkscreen printing will be the best way to produce them. This is a technique which requires time to set up and create the screen(s) but once these are in place, the production process is rather quick.

The quality of silkscreen printing is also hard to match. The prints are crisp, smooth and long-lasting. These are the reasons that make silkscreen printing popular.

Whilst there are setup charges and minimum order quantities, the price per unit is the cheapest overall.


When to choose silkscreen printing?

  1. When you need to custom print 10 or more pieces. 

  2. Your design consists of only 1 to 3 colours. Remember that every colour is a different screen so additional costs will incur.

  3. Different sizes do not increase costs. This means that you could order 50 pieces of different sizes or colours as long as the print stays the same.

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