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3 Ways Of Getting Cheap T Shirt Printing in Singapore

Updated: Jan 11

T-shirt printing in Singapore has been one of the popular choices for using as a marketing campaigns tool to being the importance of team identity.

To many of us Singaporeans, we most probably heard about t-shirt printing when we were in secondary school when it was a yearly affair to do a class t-shirt or a cca t-shirt. Today, Provision Print would like to share with you a few ways you can get cheap t-shirt printing in Singapore!

1) Print shirt in a bulk quantity

The printing setup costs are spread across the number of t-shirt printing ordered, so it is best for bulk orders as the more t-shirt printing you order, the cheaper cost per piece becomes.

2) Print lesser colours and positions for your shirt

Having fewer colours will save you money! The cheapest t-shirt printing will always be one colour designs on one printing position only.

3) Using the correct t-shirt printing method

Silkscreen printing is always the best for simple design and bulk quantity t-shirt printing orders. The higher the quantity, the lower the price per piece it will be!

Designs with gradients, shades and many colours can only be done using a digital heat transfer or the DTG printing method. These would not be advisable if it is for bulk quantity.

Embroidery is actually not the most expensive t-shirt printing method! However, we suggest doing for bulk quantity orders due to the embroidery set-up costing to consider.

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