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6 Different Types Of T-shirt Printing Methods

Before you get your t-shirt printed with t-shirt printers available in Singapore, including us, you may want to find out more about the printing method offered to avoid disappointment. Here are 6 different t-shirt printing methods to consider!

1. Silkscreen Printing: It is the most common t-shirt printing method in Singapore. For this method to work, we will need a stencil and a nylon mesh. We set up the stencil, which is held by the nylon mesh. Waterproof material will block the negative space that you want to design. The negative space is the only part permeable for the dye. Ink is then flooded into the screen. This printing method is ideal for mass production of t-shirt printing. If you want a single or unique design for yourself, it may be impossible. And also, this method is suited for one colour per screen. It is not ideal for super complex multi-colour designs. 2. Direct To Garments(DTG): DTG works like a paper printer in our home. The only difference is that in this case, the ink is going to the fabric. You first need to upload the design to the computer, which then creates uniqueness and creativity. DTG method is excellent for printing out the super-complex design. It gives a soft feel on the hands when you touch the final design. However, this printing method is expensive and you can also end up with a low-quality print with dot patterns if the artwork to be printed is not done in the correct way. 3. Dye Sublimation: Dye sublimation works well on a white polyester t-shirt. We will need a special type of dye liquid. The liquid dries up when it meets the polyester t-shirt. When it has dried well, it solidifies on the t-shirt, then we can use a heat press for dye sublimation to take place. Dye sublimation is excellent for printing polyester t-shirt with minimal enduring designs. 4. Heat Transfer: If you have small orders of t-shirt printing, it is economical to use the heat transfer printing method. We will get your design printed on a transfer paper, and then apply heat and pressure on it to a shirt. This printing method is ideal for you too if your design consists of many colours or complex. 5. Vinyl Cutting: We cut the vinyl into shapes or designs, then heat press it to a shirt. This method is suitable for one-off designs or in large numbers. This method is commonly used for personalised name and number found in sportswear or your class t-shirt! 6. Embroidery: Embroidery is the technique of stitching your design, normally a logo or company name, onto the t-shirt. When you supply us with your design, we use specialist software to convert and optimise the image into an embroidery design. Thereafter, your t-shirt is loaded onto the embroidery machines and your design is stitched into the t-shirt.

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