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Cotton vs Dri Fit T-Shirt As Company Uniform

The choice between cotton or dri-fit t-shirts as a company uniform in Singapore depends on several considerations, such as the work environment, personal preferences of employees and etc.

If your employees work outdoors or require a lot of physical work, dri-fit t-shirts like product QD04 would be a better choice as dri-fit material is designed to wick sweat away from the body and keep the wearer cool. If the work environment is air-conditioned or cooler, then cotton t-shirts like product CT51 would be more comfortable.

Consider the type of branding or printing you plan to do on the t-shirts. Some printing methods work better on cotton while others work better on synthetic materials like dri-fit. You might want to get some recommendations from our sales advisor during enquiring.

You should also consider the personal preferences of your employees. Some people may prefer the feel of cotton T-shirts while others may prefer the moisture-wicking properties of dri-fit. Since the price of a dri-fit t-shirt and a cotton t-shirt is about the same. You may consider getting both materials in your bulk quantity order, to cater to different employees' needs.

Ultimately, the decision between cotton or dri-fit t-shirts as a company uniform depends on the specific needs and preferences of your company and employees. Get in touch with Provision Print now!

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