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How To Get Cheap Class Tee & CCA Tee Printing In Singapore

Updated: Jan 11

So, you belong to a class or CCA group in your school but don’t have your own class or CCA tee that you can wear with pride? Well, you are not alone. There are lots of reasons to not having a class or CCA tee, such as due to the cost per tee.

class tee printing

In this article, Provision Print will share with you 3 simple ways to get cheap class and cca tee printing in Singapore.

1) Print on plain cotton or dri fit round neck tee

Consider printing your class and CCA design on plain cotton or dri fit round neck tee rather than a polo tee, hoodie or windbreaker jacket. You can save up to $8 per tee by doing so! Visit here for a range of ready-made tee to print.

2) Keep your artwork to be printed simply

Design your artwork such that it is within 1 or 2 colours and of 1 position only. The more colours or positions there are to print on the tee, the more expensive it will be due to the additional printing tools we have to set up.

3) Print in bulk quantity.

One of the best ways to reduce the total cost of your class and CCA tee is to buy in bulk. Printing an extra 10 pieces can reduce the amount significantly over an order.

Following our suggestion above will allow you to keep your class and CCA tee printing cheap. Feel free to reach us at 96404213 if you require more information on how to get cheap class and CCA tee printing in Singapore!

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