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Silkscreen VS DTF T Shirt Printing In Singapore

Screen printing and direct-to-film (DTF) stand as two prominent printing techniques employed in t-shirt printing in Singapore. Both t-shirt printing methods diverge significantly in terms of process, quality, and cost.

Let us share more information below.

Process: Silkscreen printing entails using a mesh screen to apply ink onto a t-shirt. Your t-shirt design is printed onto the screen and then transferred onto the t-shirt using a squeegee. This method necessitates crafting separate screens for individual colours, making it time-intensive.

In contrast, DTF involves directly printing the design onto a specialized film and subsequently transferring it from the film to the t-shirt using a heat press. While this method requires a specific printer and film, it can be expedient, particularly for multicoloured designs.

Quality: Screen printing is renowned for yielding high-quality prints with vivid colours that endure. The ink permeates the t-shirt, resulting in a soft, durable print resistant to cracking and fading. It excels particularly in printing on dark or coloured t-shirts.

DTF, a more recent method, produces sharp, vibrant prints with intricate details. However, print quality can vary based on the film and printer quality. DTF is better suited for light-coloured t-shirts, as transfers may be noticeable on darker colour t-shirts.

Cost: For extensive print runs, screen printing tends to be more cost-effective due to the distributed cost of screen creation. Conversely, for smaller runs, screen printing may surpass DTF in cost due to screen creation expenses.

DTF proves more economical for minor print runs, eliminating the need for separate screens for each colour. However, for larger runs, the specialized printer and film costs may render DTF pricier than silkscreen printing.

In conclusion, both screen printing and DTF offer distinct advantages and drawbacks. Screen printing excels in extensive print runs and dark colour t-shirt printing, while DTF shines in smaller runs and light colour t-shirt printing. The choice between them hinges on the t-shirt printing requirements.

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