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Things You Need to Create the Best T-Shirt Design

Updated: Jan 11

What makes a Best T-Shirt Design ?


T-shirt design is linked to artwork, so don’t hesitate to choose clipart images that are pleasing to the eye. Select artwork that is easy to reproduce so that T-shirt printing company like Provision Print can modify and imprint on your garments. Make sure your image stands out, is bold enough to attract audiences, and is in sync with your message, initiative, logo or brand. If you already own a company and want to promote your brand, choosing artwork that matches nicely with your logo gives you economic and operational advantages.


T-shirt colour plays an important role in the commercial success. Choose daring colours, but again, make sure they are in harmony with your overall brand strategy and other symbols, such as slogan and tagline, as part of your marketing campaign. Experts agree that vivid colours, such as red, pink, yellow and green, often are more likely to catch the eyes audiences.


Similar to artwork and colour, your T-shirt shape also may affect the commercial success of your line. Don’t hesitate to diversify shapes, a move that could increase your chances of success. For example, you can alternate between shapes as diverse as long sleeve, short sleeve, V neck, tank top, crew neck, A-shirt, muscle shirt and scoop neck.


The slogan on your T-shirt should be in sync with your overall communication strategy. Your slogan should be appealing and representative of your company and brand!

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