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Tote Bags as a Branding Tool

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Marketing in Singapore love tote bags as the bag can be used in so many creative applications. You can raise awareness about by printing a clever message or image onto a bag for any campaigns, charities, and events. A tote bag user is often street-savvy, impressionable, and constantly moving hence this is an ideal client base for most companies in Singapore.

Tote Bags

Here are 3 ways on how to do this effectively.

1.Say Something of Value

You want to create a connection that last. For messages, keep them short. With images, select colors of impact that can be spotted from a distance. Our canvas tote bags can be printed using silkscreen, digital heat transfer and embroidery.

2.Use a Call-to-Action

This is the most important part of your branding process; you want your audience to act. It is helpful to include your contact information on the bag, even if it’s just a phone number or email. You want your audience to engage with your brand.

3.Be Personable

People tend to lose things. But they will be less likely to lose the tote bag they receive from you if you present it to them yourself. Face-to-face interaction is probably the best tactic to use in your marketing strategy because not only will people connect a message or image to your product, but they will also connect a name and a face to it. Some people like knowing exactly who was behind the creation of a product. This gives meaning to the product beyond a basic product description.

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