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Ways to Recognize Your Employees with Custom Workwear Printing

Updated: Jan 11

Custom workwear printing is a must for any business because it is a good way to showcase your brand while allowing for easy recognition of your employees. A simple t-shirt with your logo printed on it can easily make them identifiable to customer and management.

We put together a few products that can be printed with your logo to make them stand out from the public!

Custom workwear printing

Custom shirt printing is a must for every business. Considering the large canvas size of a shirt, you can print your logo in A4 or A3 size on the front, back or sleeves of a shirt. No matter which position you choose to custom print on a t-shirt, this is the perfect choice to showcase your logo.

This is the perfect pairing with your custom t-shirt printing. A hoodie can be a great addition to any workwear. Instead of employees covering up their shirt when they feel cold, it is better if they have a customized workwear hoodie that they can throw on top.

Mas has recently become an essential item for everyone due to Covid 19. But when everyone is wearing a mask, it can be easy to lose your employees amongst the crowd. That’s why we recommend washable face mask that can be printed with your company logo.

If you are in the F&B business, then aprons are a must-have for your employees. But instead of equipping them with a plain apron, choose to create a custom printed apron. Take advantage of the apron size and print your logo large so it’s easily visible even from afar. Also, add a little extra customization to your apron design by picking a colour that fits your brand identity. This form of custom apparel easily connects an employee to the brand and company.

Design your headwear such as a cap with an embroidered logo along the front so it is easily noticeable. Also, consider pairing your custom embroidered cap with custom shirt printing so your employees can consistently stay on brand even if they choose to omit to wear the cap.

Contact Provision Print for your custom workwear printing now!

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