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What is GSM and what has it got to do with T-shirts?

Updated: Jan 11

Have you noticed that all Provision Print apparel product descriptions include weight expressed in GSM?

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GSM stands for grams per square meter. Fabric GSM means the weight of one square meter fabric in grams (also known as gm/m2.) GSM value depends on the type of fabric materials used. Generally, the thicker the fabric the higher the GSM value. And lower GSM means a thinner fabric.

If you want a quality yet cheap tshirt to do your custom print for workwear, class tshirt, CCA tshirt or any other activities in Singapore, then a 160-200 gsm tshirt such as Gildan 76000 and Oren Comfy Cotton CT51 should be suitable for you.

If you are looking for a cheaper tshirt that might not get worn more than a few times, then a 100-110 gsm tshirt is more than fine. However, you won’t be finding any of these supplied by Provision Print as all our tshirts start from 160 gsm and are guaranteed to last.

All Provision Print apparel products include information about GSM. See it under our respective catalogues. In case you are buying from somewhere else to do custom tshirt printing, you should always expect the tshirt printer to know the fabric weights.

We hope that this information makes choosing tshirt to custom print easier for you. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us as follows:

Whatsapp: 96404213


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