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Customer Guides For T Shirt Printing In Singapore

Updated: Jan 11

There are a lot of t shirt printing companies in Singapore and every company has its own way of quoting based on the type of t shirt and printing method to use.

Many times the reason a t shirt printing company is quoting based on that particular way is due to the t shirt printing company being limited to that particular t shirt or printing method. At Provision Print, we do not have these limits. Provision Print can provide silkscreen, embroidery, DTG, digital heat transfer, sublimation, full customization, whichever service you need. Moreover, we can offer the best custom t-shirt pricing in Singapore!

Below are a few quick checklists to help you understand the quotes you are collecting from different t shirt printing companies and help you with your final decision to decide who you should approach for your t shirt printing.

Like for Like

Some t shirt printing companies in Singapore will just quote based on the cheapest t shirt available on the market, regardless of whether it will shrink after a few washes or whether it is the appropriate t shirt for your usage. At Provision Print, we only use good quality t shirt for printing. The same can be said for the printing method. Hence when comparing pricing. make sure you are comparing the type of t shirt and printing method offered.

Compare the overall pricing

Some t shirt printing companies in Singapore tend to overcomplicate quotes for your consideration. For example, the printing material set-up costing, delivery and enhancing your design are extra costs. At Provision Print, we definitely won't do this to you.

Hidden Costs

Beware of hidden charges! Remember the old saying "if something seems too good to be true, it probably is." At Provision Print, we won't shock you with any hidden costs. As long as your t shirt printing requirements remain the same, our quote won't change.

Ask Provision Print to Clarify

If you are unsure about anything, feel free to contact our friendly sales advisor to discuss the t shirt and printing method that you have been quoted. You can email us at or WhatsApp us at 96404213

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