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FREE Adobe Illustrator alternatives to design your custom t-shirt and gift printing!

Updated: Jan 1, 2024

Adobe illustrator is a good designing software as it comes with many useful tools to create your artwork but it is costly if you are a casual user.

If you need t-shirt and gift printing for your company workwear, event, class / CCA t-shirts, we have got your back! Below are some options you can consider using to create your design and get it printed with Provision Print, Singapore best custom t-shirt and corporate gift printing company!


As the name itself speaks for it, Photopea not only that looks like Photoshop, but it also has many of its features.  You have plenty of templates and pre-made sizes to choose from. It`s very suitable for both Photoshop users and total graphic design newcomers.


The perfect software for editing small files and creating simple designs is here! Very user friendly, Gimp gained a strong community of users.


Canva`s free toolkit is quite extensive. Also, their paid plans offer even more editing possibilities. It’s great for designing posters. It also lets you post your creations straight to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social networks.


Inkscape is a vector editing software and it take things to the next level.  You can create print files of any size, because vectors are made of objects such as lines, curves, and polygons. Designs created on vector editors can be resized without damaging their quality. That means that can serve you both for small prints, as well as bigger ones.

Not sure which of these software works best for your artwork to be printed? Contact us at or WhatsApp 96404213 to discuss on your t-shirt and gift printing requirements!

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