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How To Care For Your Custom T Shirt Printing In Singapore

Updated: Jan 11

how to care guide

To prolong the life of your custom t shirt printing, a custom t shirt printing should only be washed when needed. Every wash causes stress to the material of a t shirt, leading to wear and tear such as fading, shrinkage and holes in a t shirt. Hence, washing your custom t shirt printing less frequently is one of the easiest ways to prolong its life. Below are also some useful tips to consider when washing!

1. Wash with same colour t shirt

Only wash t shirt of the same colours. Washing the same colours t shirt together helps to maintain the colour of your custom t shirt printing. For example, by washing light colours custom t shirt printing together, you reduce the risk of a custom t shirt printing turning into another colour due to the t shirt dye bleeding from another t shirt in the same washing load. Usually, dark colours are okay to be in the washing machine together, especially if they have been washed previoussly. Sorting your dirty t shirts by fabric types will help achieve optimal washing results. For example, dri fit t shirt and honeycomb work wear will have different washing needs. If you're unsure how you should wash a particular t shirt, you can refer to the care instructions are usually found on a label in the neck or on the inside side seam above the hip.

2. Opt for a Cold Wash Cycle

A 100% cotton custom t shirt printing does not like heat & can shrink if it is washed at a too hot temperature. We suggest washing custom t shirt printing around 30 degrees. Washing your custom t shirt printing at this temperature can ensures a longer-lasting, crisp looking t-shirt & reduces the risk of unwanted colourisation such as yellow marks under the armpits.

3. Wash Inside Out

By washing your custom t shirt printing inside out, the damage that happens to a t shirt during the wash cycle is inside the shirt while the printed outside will not be affected.

4. Do not tumble dry

All cotton products will have natural shrinkage, which generally happens during the drying process. You can reduce the risk of a custom t shirt printing shrinking by avoiding the tumble drier and air-drying instead.

5. Iron on the reverse and do not iron the print

Depending on the specific fabric of a custom t shirt printing, a cotton t shirt prone to wrinkles and creases. You can minimise creasing if you can give each t shirt a gentle stretch or shake to get them back into shape. Take extra care around the neckline and shoulders: you should not stretch them too much here as you don't want the t-shirt to lose shape. If a custom t shirt printing needs ironing, it is best to refer to the t shirt care label to precisely understand the safe temperature setting. When ironing your custom t shirt printing, we advise ironing on the reverse and using the steam function on your iron. Adding moisture before ironing to cotton fabrics will make their fibres smoother, and the t shirt will flatten more quicker!

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