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How To Design A Simple And Cheap Company T-Shirt In Singapore

Updated: Jan 11

Are you looking to design a company t-shirt for your newly start up company or rebranding your company in Singapore? Here is a quick walk-through for creating a simple and cheaper company t-shirt with Provision Print!

Custom company t-shirt

You should create a digital mock up template and the best program to use will be adobe illustrator, or any other vector artwork program you are comfortable with. You can find a list of free program to work here. As a standard template, we’d recommend starting with a 350mm x 400mm canvas. Do take note there are some guidelines to follow while designing.

Next step is to be cleared what these t-shirts are all about. Are these printed company t-shirts a way to get your employee excited about the company culture, while also looking great at events, meetups, and conferences? Knowing who will be wearing these company t-shirts and where they will be wearing them, will help get the ideas flowing.

Now comes the artwork design to be printed on these t-shirts, Below are some suggestion.

colour printing
Example of 1 colour printing

1. Desigin a 1 colour artwork to be printed on the shirt with silkscreen method.

2. Artwork should be based on your company branding pantone code. Otherwise, think about which colours are going to look nice on the colour t-shirt.

3. Artwork within A4 size rather than A3 size. Keep in mind the bigger the artwork, the higher the price will be.

4. Keep your artwork to be printed within 1 position, such as on the chest area only. The more position to print on, the higher the price will be.

Once your design is on your template, have a look at the sizing on a real t-shirt. Using a tape measure and a t-shirt for an idea of how it will all look in the end. Once you’ve done all that, you’ll be ready to contact a fast, affordable and top qualtity t-shirt printer like Provision Print to make your design into reality!

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Unknown member
Aug 03, 2020

Great thing this is I really like it and very interesting to see it

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