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Is Your Current Dri Fit T-Shirt Worth Its Price in 2020?

Updated: Jan 1, 2024

Dri fit t-shirts are popular apparel printing choice for school CCA, class, event or corporate wear in Singapore. Choosing the wrong dri fit t-shirt options for printing can often prove counterproductive. Here are a few ways that can tell you if your current choice is worth its price.

Dri Fit T-Shirt

1. If your current printed dri fit t-shirt is soaking moisture but the moisture is not evaporating fast enough, you may have landed with a very poor quality option or an option that is no dri fit at all. At present, a host of t-shirt printers in Singapore are into offering substandard clothing with dri fit properties that do not live up to the claims they make. However at Provision Print, our dri fit t-shirts have been sourced with reputed and high-quality manufacturers, you can rest assured that you have bagged dri fit t-shirt clothing options for printing that will offer the best of benefits.

2. If your current dri fit t-shirts feel slickly on your skin, it could compromise on your flexibility. Dri fit t-shirts of high quality are recognized for making you feel clean and dry irrespective of how much you perspire.

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