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Why Cotton T-Shirt Is The Most Popular Fabric For Your Custom T-Shirt Printing In Singapore

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

There are many reasons why cotton is so popular for clothing fabric and why it is Provision Print recommended choice for custom t-shirt printing.

1. Absorbency

Cotton is a breathable fabric that absorbs heat and perspiration from your body and allows it to pass through the fabric to the air outside. That means that 100% cotton made t-shirts such as our customer favourite Oren Sports CT51 (160gsm) and Gildan 76000 (180gsm) will keep you cool and comfortable as you move throughout your day in such a humid weather here in Singapore. Moreover, 100% cotton is a soft fabric that doesn’t irritate the skin!

2. Durability Cotton is a tough fabric. Your custom t-shirt printing needs to be extra resistant to wear and tear for intensive job like in a factory or kitchen. 100% cotton t-shirts such as the Oren Sport CT71 (200gsm), for example stands up to wear and tear due to higher GSM.

3. Wash and Wear

The molecular structure of cotton means that instead of becoming weaker when wet, it actually gets stronger. This means cotton shirts can be washed regularly without the fabric or shape being damaged. T-Shirt manufacturers such as Oren Sports and Gildan which we indent shirts from to carry out our custom printing, go to the effort of separating stronger mature cotton from the weaker immature cotton, meaning those t-shirts used are as strong as they come.

4. Custom Printing

Cotton is a durable fabric and provides an excellent silkscreen printing surface, making it the preferred fabric to print. It absorbs ink better than other fabrics like polyester. This gives cotton t-shirts a higher quality print, ensuring the artwork printed on your custom t-shirts looks clearer and sharper.

This strong, versatile and comfortable cotton fabric is ideal for your custom t-shirt printing in Singapore!

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